2020 Annual East Lake Woods Meeting will be held on January 25, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. at Arp High School in the library.
All pertinent documents may be found under the "HOA Meeting" tab above.
Online voting begins on January 11, 2020. 
East Lake Woods is friendly gated community on Lake Tyler East filled with beautiful scenery and wildlife, wonderful neighbors and, reportedly, the best Homeowners Association in the area.
East Lake Woods is located approximately ten miles east of Tyler on Texas Hwy 64.  After passing over the Lake Tyler East bridge take the first exit on the right onto Smith County Road 294 (Old Henderson Hwy). 
Click here to view photos of our beautiful community.
Board of Directors

Merlin Eck, President

17116 Norway Circle, Arp, TX 75750

Email – myecks@aol.com

Phone – 903-859-9353


Stephen Botha, Vice President

14888 East Ridge Rd, Arp, TX 75750

Email – bothastephen@yahoo.com

Phone – 903-330-9830


Sharon Vick, Director and Secretary

17798 Sunrise Ln, Arp, TX 75750

Email – billandsharon1970@yahoo.com

Phone – 903-570-3108


Carolyn Sorrells, Director and Treasurer

14441 Mac Lane, Arp, TX  75750

Email - sorrellsonmac@yahoo.com

Phone - 903-859-1711

Rich Asbury, Director

15139 East Ridge Rd, Arp, TX  75750

Email – dadvet@aol.com

Phone – 903-944-8823


Cathy Graham, Assistant Secretary

15150 East Ridge Rd, Arp, TX 75750

Email - ctravlr55@yahoo.com

Phone - 713-628-9052

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